Effect of specimen size, fiber type and concrete strength on the flexural performance of fiber reinforced concrete

Güzelce, Aydinç
To overcome the brittleness of concrete, fiber reinforcement is a commonly used material, which highly increases the toughness of concrete in a cost-effective way. The aim of this study is to assess the effect of different fiber parameters on the flexural behavior of fiber reinforced concrete. Bending tests were performed on two different beam sizes made of 20 different concrete batches. The type and amount of the fibers along with the grade of the concrete were changed to form this batch combination. The force vs. displacement and energy vs. displacement data were obtained by a displacement-controlled test setup. The effect of the specimen size, fiber type, fiber length, and fiber amount were compared to better understand their effect on the toughness. The results showed that smaller specimens yield to higher values than bigger ones due to size effect, for all fiber types and concrete batches tested.