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Employing Imino-Bis-Propane Diol Functional Polymers for Boron Removal from Geothermal Waters via Polymer Enhanced Ultrafiltration

Zerze, Hasan
Ozbelge, H. Onder
Bicak, Niyazi
Yılmaz, Levent
In this study, polymer enhanced ultrafiltration (PEUF) was used to remove boron from a geothermal water sample. The effect of co-ions such as chloride and sulfate on boron removal was investigated using previously synthesized poly (vinyl amino-N, N'-bis-propane diol) (GPVA) and its copolymers with DADMAC. The presence of co-anions and use of real waste water did not significantly reduce boron retentions and permeate fluxes. At optimum operating conditions 98% boron removal was achieved. It was demonstrated that 97% of complexation capacity of polymer can be recovered and reused by two-cycle decomplexation at pH 4.