Synthesis and Optoelectronic Properties of Iptycene-Naphthazarin Dyes

Dengiz, Çağatay
SWAGER, Timothy M.
We report the synthesis and characterization of iptycene-naphthazarin dyes by using a sequential Diels-Alder approach. The tautomerization of naphthazarin was used as the key step in the synthesis, with structures confirmed by single-crystal X-ray and NMR analysis. The systematic trends in electronic properties were investigated by UV/Vis spectroscopy BF2 complexes of the dyes were prepared by reaction with BF3 OEt2 in CH2Cl2.


Synthesis of 2,3-disubstituted thiophenes from ketoalkynes
Vatansever, Erol Can; Balcı, Metin; Department of Chemistry (2013)
Synthesis of thiophene containing compounds are of particular interest in synthetic organic chemistry. Besides the importance for synthetic organic chemistry, thiophene derivatives are used in applied research such as drug synthesis and study of functional materials. In this thesis, a new methodology for developing of 2,3-disubstituted thiophenes was developed. This methodology utilizes readily available compounds in a two-step synthesis to provide a facile access to the 2,3-disubstituted thiophenes. In the...
Synthesis of FeTi from mixed oxide precursors
Tan, Serdar; Oers, Taylan; Aydınol, Mehmet Kadri; Öztürk, Tayfur; Karakaya, İshak (2009-05-05)
A study was carried out on the synthesis of FeTi intermetallics from mixed oxide precursors using the method of electro-deoxidation. Fe2O3 and TiO2 mixed in molar proportions of 1:2 were sintered at temperatures ranging from 900 degrees C to 1300 degrees C. The sintered pellet of mixed oxides, connected as cathode, was then electrolyzed in a molten CaCl2 at 900 degrees C using a graphite anode at a potential of 3.2 V. The electrolysis yielded the target composition FeTi in substantial amounts only when the ...
Synthesis and electrochemical studies of fluorene and benzimidazole containing conjugated polymers
Namal, İmge; Toppare, Levent Kamil; Arslan Udum, Yasemin; Department of Chemistry (2013)
The synthesis and characterization of two donor acceptor type conjugated polymers were investigated. The electrochemical properties were examined using cyclic voltammetry, spectroelectrochemistry and kinetic studies. The increase in the alkyl chain length attached to the fluorene unit was investigated by the corresponding electrochemical characteristics. The synthesis was carried out via Stille coupling of 4,7- dibromo-4'-(tert-butyl)spiro[benzo[d]imidazole-2,1' cyclohexane] and 2,5- bis(tributylstannyl)thi...
Synthesis and electrochromic properties of trans-stilbene bearing copolymers obtained with different repeat unit and chain length
Karakus, Melike; Nurioglu, Ayda Goycek; Akpinar, Hava Zekiye; Toppare, Levent Kamil; Çırpan, Ali (Elsevier BV, 2013-6)
Three new random copolymers containing benzotriazole (BTz), thiophene (Th) and trans-stilbene (St) were synthesized via Stille coupling technique with different monomer ratios. In order to determine the effect of stilbene quantity on electrochromic properties of the polymers, feed ratios of the monomers were altered in chemical polymerization. Polymer chain length effect was also investigated via using different reaction times and the same feed ratio. The characteristics of the synthesized copolymers were c...
Synthesis and characterization of water-soluble oligosalicylaldehyde-sulfanilic acid and its Cu(II), Co(II), Pb(II) complexes
Turac, Ersen; Surme, Yavuz; Sahmetlioglu, Ertugrul; Varol, Ramazan; NARİN, Ibrahim; Toppare, Levent Kamil (2008-10-05)
This work presents the synthesis and characterization of a new water-soluble oligophenol derivative, 4-(2-hydroxybenzylideneamino)benzenesulfanic acid (OSAL-SA) and its metal complexes. The chemical structure of the water-soluble polymer was characterized by nuclear magnetic resonance (H-1 NMR) and Fourier transform infrared (FTIR) spectroscopies and thermogravimetric analyses (TGAs). Pb(II), Cu(II), Co(II) complexes of the polymer were also synthesized in methanol. Characterizations of water insoluble poly...
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