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Statistical iid tests of integer sequences

Yılmaz, Sena
In order that an algorithm is cryptographically secure, the encryption keys must be random. To achieve this randomness, a number of random number generators are used. Since pseudo-random number generators can never provide true randomness, there is a need to measure the obtained pseudo-randomness. To obtain information about randomness, the entropy value of the output can be calculated. In order to measure the entropy of a sequence, it can be examined whether it is an IID (independent and identical distribution) or not. In this study, IID tests were examined and some results were obtained. In the first chapter of the study, the concept of entropy is discussed and the article “SP 800-90B Recommendation for the Entropy Sources Used for Random Bit Generation” is mentioned. IID tests mentioned in this article and their application methods are given in the second chapter. In the third chapter, the results of some sequences, which are produced in the study, are given. In the fourth chapter, future studies are given and the results are interpreted.