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Neoliberal subject construction through governmentality of health discources : focus on organic food consumers

Kalderon, Veni
This work attemptsto argue thatthe consumers of organic food in Turkey are subjects of neoliberalism, with women being the major consumer group. The case of organic food consumption enables us to critically approach the free market society that renders social, cultural, and political issues into economic arena which necessitates a new approach for understanding the subject formation and maintenance of social order. Through this work, it is aimed to analyze the new subjects of neoliberalism with a close focus to organic consumers and theirperceptionsabout being healthy. Especially women as part of their traditional roles in the family are suggested to be targeted by the health consciousness trend despite the changing gender roles. It is argued that the increasing health consciousness trends and neoliberal ideologies share similar notions and as a result organic food consumption is being used as a means of governmentality that becomes an indicative behavior for health-conscious individuals. Overall, pursuit of health is intended to be analyzed while focusing on its regulatory and productive roles, benefiting from the theories of healthism, neoliberalism, and governmentality.