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İstanbul airport & the role of air cargo transportation in global trade :a regional planning perspective

Köprülü, Onur
Growing trade trends along with globalization increases the importance of logistics activities and logistics sector day by day. In recent years, development scenarios which mainly focus on production organizations have begun to big change in accordance with rapid changes in information technology. Nowadays goods and services are being to design in any geographical region of the world, produce in a different geographical region and demand from elsewhere of the world. Therefore, it can be said that logistics sector became one of the important drivers of global trade. Especially in the last 25 years the logistics sector has gained substantial value. We can obviously see that the logistics sector which has become one of the fastest growing and the biggest sectors has significant impacts on the economic level of countries in this time period. Hence many countries (especially developed countries) invest in logistics sector to take advantage of the enormous potential of this sector. It can be said that Turkey also has an important position in the world in terms of the logistics sector and also Istanbul which has the highest cargo volume in Turkey is suitable for such a development scenario. According to 2016 data, Istanbul Atatürk Airport ranks 34th in the World Cargo Traffic Rankings which led by Hong Kong, Memphis (USA) and Shanghai Pudong (China) airports. Although today we have approximately 20% cargo volume of the leaders on the list we can said that we have a significant potential in terms of air logistic sector and over time we can become a global air logistics hub with large investments in infrastructure such as the third airport in Istanbul. Therefore, the main objective in this thesis is to investigate whether logistics hub oriented development can be in Istanbul and to reveal the air cargo potential of Istanbul.