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New family identity formation process of middle-class families in Turkey in the context of modernization and urbanization

Öz Arı, Sinem
The purpose of this study is to examine new family identity formation process by using a framework of identity interplay in consumption practices through wedding rituals and consumption. It is also aimed to observe how this framework is utilized in this process. Another purpose is to find out the role of individual, relational and family identity bundles in family decision-making process. Moreover, it is aimed to see application of this framework in real-life cases. For this aim, in-depth interviews are used as a qualitative research technique. A sample from Turkey is chosen, since Turkey is a country going through modernization and urbanization processes resulting in changes in society and family life. The sample consists of educated, middle-class people living in urban areas of Turkey. The findings highlight utilization of the framework in that specific sample, give insights about new family formation processes and interpret family decision-making processes.