Antecedents of better performing teams: test of perceived team job crafting model

Purtul, Tuğba
This present study examined the relationship between team performance and its antecedents such as team task characteristics (autonomy, feedback, skill variety, task identity, and task significance), team personality (proactivity, collective efficacy) and interpersonal trust under job demands and resources framework model. Also, the sequential mediating effect of team job crafting and team work engagement in this relationship was investigated. The study surveyed 147 people, comprised of 46 teams, from different regions of Turkey and various jobs and or sectors including engineers, marketers, salespeople, consultants and educators in fields of automotive, banking, textile, telecommunication, IT, and defense industry. Data were analyzed bot at the individual perception level and team level. Based on the study results, it was found that the abovementioned antecedents with the exception of proactive personality had positive influence on team performance through sequential mediation of team job crafting and team work engagement. The results were discussed and limitations of the study were noticed with future research suggestions.