A knowledge representation tool for architectural spaces : a study on surgery unitsh

Us, Mehta
The nature of construction projects is very iterative and there are various people involved from different disciplines and organizations in the process. Design stage is unique, complex and require combination and expertise of different people. The capture and reuse of design experience is considered as an efficient way to promote a better design process and efficient building solutions. The smallest part in a building is the space. It is a long-term asset of a building; therefore, a space knowledge management method is studied in this research. The innovative progression of technology, growth in population, changing models of medical care and changes in policies, services increase the necessity for changes in healthcare facilities. To cope with this, the study on standardized knowledge acquisition and knowledge re-use process for healthcare facilities is made. Surgery units have been chosen for this research since they are the most risk intensive spaces in healthcare facilities. The research on spaces in surgery units of hospitals is made first through literature than among participants in architectural design process of healthcare facilities. The knowledge and space classification are made to be able to use in knowledge management processes. The representation of the classification is made with UML class diagram and visualization is made with a BIM-based data management tool, called dRofus. With standardization of space data, a new approach to tacit knowledge visualization is achieved, design knowledge visualization is made for knowledge management in healthcare facilities.
Citation Formats
M. Us, “ A knowledge representation tool for architectural spaces : a study on surgery unitsh,” Thesis (M.S.) -- Graduate School of Natural and Applied Sciences. Building Science in Architecture., Middle East Technical University, 2019.