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The young ottomans’ approaches toward economic liberalism (1860-1875)

Top, Gözde
This thesis aims to examine the approaches toward economic liberalism of three members of the Young Ottoman Society (1860-1875); Namık Kemal, Ali Suavi, and Ziya Pasha who actively contributed to the development of the new literary area, newspapers in the Tanzimat period. The thesis tries to show that these intellectuals adopted a cautous stance toward economic liberalism which was the developing economic policy in Western Europe at that time. Although they fully supported the very cause of political liberalism in the empire, they had a pragmatist approach regarding the economic issues of the country. In other words, they did not supported economic liberalism which was harmful for the empire at that time. This study is important to follow the development of intellectual approach to economic liberalism throughout the nineteenth century. Moreover, as for evaluating the transition period, transition from implementing protectionist policies in the economy to adopting free trade conditions, as the representatives of both the Young Ottomans and their age, we can comprehend the mindset of the Ottoman intellectual who was also somehow associated with the central bureaucracy.