A study on teachers’ awareness and practices of integrating citizenship into the efl middle school curriculum.

Kıyak, Suna
Integration of citizenship components into foreign language education is an important issue drawing attention from scholars, researchers and practitioners over half a century since English has become the language of the world. In this particular study, the major aim is to examine language education from a citizenship related perspective since Turkish middle school curriculum policy regards citizenship education from an integrated curriculum policy. To this end, the place of citizenship in the foreign language curriculum in Turkey is examined through investigating the EFL curriculum and course books and through examining middle school EFL teachers’ awareness levels and reports on integrating citizenship onto their classroom practices. For this purpose, a questionnaire containing both open-ended and close- ended items was developed and subjected to 85 middle school EFL teachers working in 27 public schools in Çankaya district in Ankara. In addition, the EFL middle school curriculum was analyzed through content analysis using multiple approaches to explore the concepts that relate to citizenship education. Findings of the study showed that citizenship concepts are integrated into the curricula and course books, and only half of the teacher sample included citizenship related concepts in their instructional practices. The study implies that national, international, sustainability and democracy components are included in the curriculum and course books; however, democracy needs more emphasis in its integration. In addition, the study reveals the lack of disability components in the curriculum and teacher practices as well as little emphasis on disability in course books.


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S. Kıyak, “A study on teachers’ awareness and practices of integrating citizenship into the efl middle school curriculum.,” Thesis (M.S.) -- Graduate School of Social Sciences. Educational Sciences., Middle East Technical University, 2020.