An Investigation into the Cultural Dimension in EFL Classes: Turkish Instructors' Views and Practices

Tasemir, Hanife
Gürbüz, Nurdan
The current study aims to investigate how Turkish English as a foreign language (EFL) teachers understand the cultural component in language classes and the extent to which they feel to have opportunities to raise cultural awareness. The views on and approaches to cultural issues of ten English language instructors teaching at the tertiary level across state and private universities in Turkey have been examined in this regard. A qualitative-quantitative mixed-method design using a questionnaire and semi-structured individual interviews has been adopted. The findings revealed that the teachers' opportunities to raise their students' cultural awareness were not satisfactory, and there was a mismatch between their wishes and practices. They felt ill-prepared to include culture and tackle cultural controversies in class. Their conceptualization of culture in English language classes was predominantly modern from a received view of culture yet included elements from which interculturality may develop.


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