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Landfill site selection and landfill liner design for Polatlı, Ankara.

Öner, Gökal
The purpose of this study is to select the best alternative for a landfill site for the Polatlı County. There currently is no proper landfill site in the county. Renewable materials are sent to the Ankara-Mamak Landfill site and the remaining waste material is deposited in an improper open dump site that is situated to the south of the county. Because of all these problems, the county urgently needs a proper landfill site with a landfill liner system. In the context of this thesis, site selection has been performed by considering criteria including, air traffic safety, geology, land use, distance to settlements, distance to roads, hydrogeology (drainage), slope, erosion, distance to faults and distance to earthquake epicenters. These criteria have been modeled and evaluated in a GIS environment and eventually the best site has been chosen. In addition, disturbed fine grained silty samples have been collected from the alternative sites and geotechnical (i.e., sieve analysis, Atterberg limit tests, hydrometer, compaction, falling head permeability) and mineralogical (i.e., SEM, XRD, methylene blue absorption) tests have been conducted on these samples. Three samples representative of alternative sites were mixed with 5% bentonite to decrease their permeability values. Falling head permeability tests were additionally conducted on those samples. By using the data obtained from these tests, the design of the liner and the hydrologic evaluation of the landfill has been performed through utilizing the HELP (Hydrologic Evaluation of Landfill Performance) software.