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Design for positive self-help intervention experience with the investigation of meditation-oriented mental health applications

Arık, Yağmur Merve
No matter how busy life is, it is important to take a few minutes breaks to slow down, regulate the rhythm of breath, nourish the body, and clear the mind through an effective mind-body exercise. Meditation, as a self-help mind-body exercise, provides various solutions to several problems arising from diverse conditions. As technology developed, forms of self-help interventions have been changed. Especially mobile health technologies that have been combined with various traditional practices became more powerful and effective. Mobile health self-help interventions intend to enhance well-being by supporting individuals in both physical and mental health issues. In parallel with this purpose, strategies that can be used in the development and improvement of these interventions should be investigated with a holistic approach by taking into account many different contexts. The aim of this study is to provide recommendations on the design and development of meditation oriented mHealth technologies that aim to offer a positive self-help intervention experience. For this reason, a three-phase study was carried out with the participation of 15 people through three selected meditation apps. The first phase consists of semi-structured interviews, the second phase consists of online diary methods, and the last phase consists of semi-structured interviews. As a result, strengths and weaknesses of current meditation apps were analyzed, characteristics of the meditation experience that are practiced through mobile technologies were identified, and principles of positive psychology that can be applied in the design of meditation apps were decided. Along with that, various design suggestions have been provided to enhance the positive mHealth app experience.