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International relations studies in Asia: Japan, China, and India compared

Yücel, Okan
This thesis attempts to analyze the development of IR studies in three major Asian countries, namely Japan, China, and India. The main research question is whether the Asian study of IR is capable of challenging the ontological and epistemological assumptions of the Western study of IR. Regarding this research question; influential philosophers, key concepts, and major think tanks of these three countries are examined. In this thesis, it is observed that the fundamental concepts and esteemed philosophers of these countries are capable of extending the sources and limits of the IR literature. However, as the answer of the research question, contrary to the argument of some scholars who claim that the Asian study of IR presents an indigenous alternative to the Western study of IR, this thesis argues that although studies of IR in Asian countries highlight the contributions of Asian thinkers and specific nature of Asian problems, the Asian study of IR still reflects the Western epistemological and ontological assumptions about IR.