Querying Web Metadata: Native score management and text support in databases

Ozsoyoglu, G
Altıngövde, İsmail Sengör
Al-Hamdani, A
Ozel, SA
Ulusoy, O
Ozsoyoglu, ZM
In this article, we discuss the issues involved in adding a native score management system to object-relational databases; to be used in querying Web metadata (that describes the semantic content of Web resources). The Web metadata model is based on topics (representing entities), relationships among topics (called metalinks), and importance scores (sideway values) of topic and metalinks. We extend database relations with scoring functions and importance scores. We add to SQL score-management clauses with well-defined semantic, and propose the sideway-value algebra (SVA), to evaluate the extended SQL queries. SQL extensions and the SVA algebra are illustrated through two Web resources, namely, the DBLP Bibliography and the SIGMOD Anthology.


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