Double-lepton polarization asymmetries and branching ratio in B -> K-0(*)(1430)l(+)l(-) transition from universal extra dimension model

İpekoğlu, Yusuf
We investigate the B -> K-0(*)(1430)l(+)l(-) transition in the Applequist-Cheng-Dobrescu model in the presence of a universal extra dimension. In particular, we calculate double lepton polarization asymmetries and branching ratio related to this channel and compare the obtained results with the predictions of the standard model. Our analysis of the considered observables in terms of radius R of the compactified extra-dimension as the new parameter of the model show a considerable discrepancy between the predictions of two models in low 1/R values.


Double-lepton polarization asymmetries and polarized forward backward asymmetries in the rare b -> sl(+)l(-) decays in a single universal extra dimension scenario
BASHIRY, VALİ; Bayar, M.; Azizi, K. (American Physical Society (APS), 2008-08-01)
We study the double-lepton polarization asymmetries and single and double-lepton polarization forward-backward asymmetries of the rare b -> sl(+)l(-) mode within the standard model and in the Appelquist-Cheng-Dobrescu model, which is a new physics scenario with a single universal extra dimension. In particular, we examine the sensitivity of the observables to the radius R of the compactified extra dimension, which is the new parameter in this new physics model.
Alıyev, Tahmasıb (Elsevier BV, 1991-03-21)
We have studied the CP asymmetry in B --> K-phi, K*-phi transitions in the framework of the standard model (SM), its generalization to the four-generation case and in its supersymmetric (SUSY) extension. It is shown that in the SM and its SUSY extension with three generations, the asymmetry is less than one percent, but gets larger in the four-generation case, and its SUSY extension. It is shown that the asymmetry in the four-generation case is very sensitive to the gluon momentum. Further, we have shown th...
Universal extra dimensions and Kaluza-Klein bound states
Carone, CD; Conroy, JM; Sher, M; Turan, İsmail (American Physical Society (APS), 2004-04-01)
We study the bound states of the Kaluza-Klein (KK) excitations of quarks in certain models of universal extra dimensions. Such bound states may be detected at future lepton colliders in the cross section for the pair production of KK quarks near threshold. For typical values of model parameters, we find that "KK quarkonia" have widths in the 10-100 MeV range, and production cross sections of the order of a few picobarns for the lightest resonances. Two body decays of the constituent KK quarks lead to distin...
Noncommutative nonlinear sigma models and integrability
Kürkcüoğlu, Seçkin (American Physical Society (APS), 2008-09-01)
We first review the result that the noncommutative principal chiral model has an infinite tower of conserved currents and discuss the special case of the noncommutative CP1 model in some detail. Next, we focus our attention to a submodel of the CP1 model in the noncommutative spacetime A(theta)(R2+1). By extending a generalized zero-curvature representation to A(theta)(R2+1) we discuss its integrability and construct its infinitely many conserved currents. A supersymmetric principal chiral model with and wi...
Spontaneous symmetry breaking at two loop in 3-d massless scalar electrodynamics
Tan, PN; Tekin, Bayram; Hosotani, Y (Elsevier BV, 1996-11-21)
In three-dimensional Maxwell-Chem-Simons massless scalar electrodynamics with phi(6) coupling, the U(1) symmetry is spontaneously broken at two loop order regardless of the presence or absence of the Maxwell term. Dimensional transmutation takes place in pure Chem-Simons scalar electrodynamics. The beta function for the phi(6) coupling is independent of gauge couplings.
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B. B. ŞİRVANLI, K. AZİZİ, and Y. İpekoğlu, “Double-lepton polarization asymmetries and branching ratio in B -> K-0(*)(1430)l(+)l(-) transition from universal extra dimension model,” JOURNAL OF HIGH ENERGY PHYSICS, pp. 0–0, 2011, Accessed: 00, 2020. [Online]. Available: