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A Sociocultural approach to relationship flourishing: the role of relational mobility

Çakır, Derya Selin
Relationship flourishing is an important aspect of high-quality close relationships. Although there are many studies on the role of culture on relationship quality, relationship flourishing and its cultural aspects have not been fully explored. This study aims to examine the interplay between relationship flourishing and two critical cultural variables; relational mobility and interdependent-self construal in two separate studies. Specifically, it was hypothesized that high relational mobility is positively associated with relationship flourishing and interdependent self-construal moderates the link between relationship flourishing and relational mobility. In the first study, Relationship Flourishing Scale (RFS) and Positive-Negative Relationship Quality (PNRQ) were adapted into Turkish to examine their psychometric quality (N= 290). In the second study, Relationship Mobility Scale (RMS) was adapted into Turkish and hypothesized associations were tested (N= 238). Results supported the psychometric quality of the RFS and the RMS. However, there was no significant association between relationship flourishing and relational mobility. Independent self-construal moderated marginally the relationship between relationship flourishing and relational mobility. Findings were discussed considering the cultural implications and the limitations of the study.