An Investigation of the psychometric properties of a language assessment literacy measure

Yılmaz, Fahri
This study investigates the psychometric properties of a modified measure designed to assess the knowledge base of EFL teachers’ assessment literacy (AL). Using the data obtained from a sample of 4th grade pre-service EFL teachers from two state universities in Ankara, the psychometric properties of the measure were analysed by making use of several CTT-based and IRT-based analytical techniques. The findings indicate a good model fit, a presence of validity and high levels of reliability. Analyses of the sample’s performance suggest that the measure was found to have a moderate difficulty level for the sample group, who exhibited a lower-than-expected level of achievement on the measure, and that CGPA was the only variable to statistically and positively correlate with the AL score. These findings point towards several important psychometric and pedagogical implications.


An investigation into the implementation of alternative assessment in the young learner classroom
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Standardized testing for transition to high schools: teachers ́ perceptions of how national tests influence teaching and learning in middle schools english classes
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F. Yılmaz, “An Investigation of the psychometric properties of a language assessment literacy measure,” Thesis (M.S.) -- Graduate School of Social Sciences. English Language Teaching., Middle East Technical University, 2020.