Software development for analyzing fluid transients in pipelines

Habibi Topraghghaleh, Saber
A computer program is developed to analyze and simulate fluid transients in hydraulic systems contributing to finding practical solutions for unsteady flow conditions in pipelines. This program is built up using C sharp programming language in the visual studio platform. In the software, the method of characteristics is used for solving the non-linear partial differential equations of the transient flow. This software’s primary purpose is to find quick solutions for a phenomenon called water hammer, which has been a severe problem for hydraulics engineers. The term water hammer in pipes is used for the condition in which pressure waves are created when the boundary conditions caused a moving fluid to experience a sudden change in its flow rate. This problem could be very damaging, and sometimes it leads to deadly consequences, and at the designing stage to provide safety, this phenomenon must be taken into account for pipelines. A number of boundary conditions can cause these sudden changes in the flow rate. Some of these conditions are opening or closing valves, pump trip, turbine load rejection or acceptance, etc. Solving and finding solutions manually for this phenomenon is very tedious and time-consuming work. As a result, a number of softwares have been developed in the world to tackle this important issue. The present study is one of them to address the problem efficiently and accurately. For the time being, a new software has been developed in this study with some limited but important boundary conditions. The results of the number of problems tested indicate its correctness. It is hoped that it would be enriched in future studies with additional boundary conditions.
Citation Formats
S. Habibi Topraghghaleh, “Software development for analyzing fluid transients in pipelines,” Thesis (M.S.) -- Graduate School of Natural and Applied Sciences. Civil Engineering., Middle East Technical University, 2020.