Analysis of alternative rock scene through feminist standpoint

Bostancı Kutlu, Elif Cere
Music, as a social field, is affected by the patriarchal practices which are relevant in society. As an outcome of these practices: the knowledge regarding women’s experiences is being transmitted either insufficiently or distorted, which harms the gender equality both in the music scene and society. This study, fundamentally asks an overarching question such as: How do women’s experiences get constituted in the alternative rock scene? Additionally, with subquestions study examines that: How do women’s experiences contribute to the feminist progress in the scene, which is consisted of consciousness-raising, forming solidarity, and creating politics? With the contribution of Feminist Standpoint Theory, the study aims to reach true knowledge by producing knowledge on women’s experiences from women’s social positions. Sexist practices exists in the scene such as; assigning rock music and instruments to men, alienation of women, sexual objectification of women, harassment, representing women over men, keeping women’s musician identity in the background and putting their sexual identity forward. Women who share their experiences are willing to form solidarity against sexist practices. However, due to the lack of knowledge regarding each other’s experiences and communication, a strong bond of solidarity could not be observed in the scene. Approaches such as staying neutral to the gender issues appear to be weak to ensure feminist progress in the scene while expressing powerful statements that are derived from women’s socially ‘powerful alternative’ positions, appears to be promising on making serious contributions to the feminist progress in the scene.


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E. C. Bostancı Kutlu, “Analysis of alternative rock scene through feminist standpoint,” Thesis (M.S.) -- Graduate School of Social Sciences. Gender and Women’s Studies., Middle East Technical University, 2020.