A static Ward-Leonard system using thyristors.

Aloğlu, Ahmet


A three phase static ward Leonard system.
Özgirgin, Bekir; Department of Electrical Engineering (1974)
A serial two-echelon inventory system with waiting time restricition.
Doğru, Mustafa Kemal; Erkip, Nesim; Güllü, Refik; Department of Industrial Engineering (2002)
A current source converter based statcom for reactive power compensation at low voltage
Biçer, Nazan; Ermiş, Muammer; Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (2010)
This research work is devoted to the analysis, design and development of the Current-Source Converter (CSC) based distribution-type Static Synchronous Compensator (D-STATCOM) for low-voltage applications in reactive-power control in order to achieve i) faster transient response in reactive-power control, ii) lower current harmonic distortion, iii) lower power losses and iv) minimum storage elements in comparison with conventional solutions. The developed CSC-D-STATCOM includes a low-pass input filter and a ...
A Multi-level Inverter System Design with Multi-winding Transformer
Sankurt, Turev; Sezenoglu, Ceyhun; BALIKÇI, ABDULKADİR (2011-09-10)
Because of environmental factors and sustainability concerns, renewable energy sources are the state-of-art today. In energy conversion it is important, the output of the system to be suitable with standard applications, for both economical and compatibility issues. To fit the system output voltage and frequency with the international standards, battery packs and transformers are widely used. For modularity the major problem in this area is large physical dimensions. In this study a high frequency multi-win...
A lane keeping system with a weighted preview measurement
Saraçoğlu, Kıvanç; Üleş, Buğra; Schmidt, Klaus Verner (2018-07-09)
This paper proposes a new lane keeping system (LKS) based on a weighted preview measurement. The paper first identifies shortcomings of existing methods that use the sole measurement of lateral displacement error at a preview distance or at the center of gravity. Then, the novel idea of computing a weighted average of both measurements is proposed. The stability of the resulting LKS is analyzed and the improved performance of the resulting LKS is supported by simulation experiments.
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A. Aloğlu, “A static Ward-Leonard system using thyristors.,” Middle East Technical University, 1970.