Women and the iconography of fear: Islamization in post-Islamist Turkey



Womanhood, dignity and faith - Reflections on an Islamic woman's life story
Ozdalga, E (SAGE Publications, 1997-11-01)
Reveiling has been an important part of the Islamic revivalist movements of the last decades. In Turkey, where secularism has been part of the official state ideology since the 1920s, reveiling has caused deep controversies. This article deals with the socio-political context in which the conflict over veiling has been carried out, the legal aspects of veiling, and how veiling and the controversy around this Islamic practice has been experienced by young veiling women themselves. In order to Throw light on ...
Visual Methods in Psychology: Using and Interpreting Images in Qualitative Research
Ercan, Nilufer (SAGE Publications, 2013-05-01)
Rethinking the political: Ottoman women as feminist subjects
Yıldız Bağçe, Hülya (Informa UK Limited, 2018-01-01)
This article examines late nineteenth century and early twentieth century Muslim Ottoman women's journals. Drawing attention to the historical and social phenomenon of Ottoman Muslim women's print culture, the author argues that women's writings and activism around these journals functioned as a significant feminist public sphere that built a community of women's discourse. Women's journals established a real community of intellectual women writers and readers who overtly promoted a feminist agenda in the p...
Mother-child memory conversations and self-construal in Eastern Turkey, Western Turkey and the USA
Şahin Acar, Başak (Informa UK Limited, 2015-01-02)
Eighty-seven mothers and their four-year-old children from Eastern Turkey (N = 32 pairs), Western Turkey (N = 30 pairs) and the USA (N = 25 pairs) participated in a study of mother-child memory talk as a reflection of mothers' self construal, in view of differences in the function of memory talk across cultures. Mother-child pairs were audio-recorded while talking about shared past and anticipated future events. Mothers completed the Balanced Integration-Differentiation questionnaire measure of self-constru...
KORKMAZ, CANSU; AYDINOĞLU, Arsev Umur; Department of Science and Technology Policy Studies (2022-3)
Main purposes of this thesis are to understand the contributions of women in aerospace studies in Turkey and see whether there exists any gender discrimination, gender-related challenges that women face with and gender disparities in aerospace field in Turkey. For that end, I identified the scholarly contribution of women to aerospace-related fields in Turkey in graduate theses and dissertations and TUBITAK-funded research projects by detailed literature research. I resort to qualitative research design. I ...
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