Thermo-oxidative characterization and kinetics of tar sands

In this research, non-isothermal kinetics and thermal analysis of Gercus tar sand sample is studied by DSC (differential scanning calorimeter) and TG/DTG (thermogravimetry). Experiments were performed using three different mesh size (20-35, 35-50 and >50) of sample. Differential scanning calorimeter (DSC) curves revealed three reaction regions in the temperature range of 20-600 degrees C. On the other hand, thermogravimetry (TG/DTG) curves of tar sand samples at different particle sizes demonstrated three stages of weight loss. Two different kinetic models (Coats & Redfern and Arrhenius) were used to determine the kinetic parameters of the samples and it was observed that the average activation energy values were between 17.5 and 26.6 kJ/mol, for reaction region-II and 126.2-160.1 kJ/mol for reaction region-III, respectively. In order to see the contribution of each region to the overall reactivity of the tar sand sample, weighted mean apparent activation energy of the samples are also determined.


Multi-media reservoirs depleted by horizontal wells: analysis of pressure behaviours and rate transient accompanied by developing analytical models for flow regimes
Al-Rbeawi, Salam (Inderscience Publishers, 2020-01-01)
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Thermogravimetry of selected bentonites
Kök, Mustafa Verşan (Informa UK Limited, 2002-10-01)
In this research the application of thermal analysis techniques (TG-DTA) to the characterization of bentonite samples is presented. The thermal behavior of 4 bentonite samples was investigated using simultaneous thermogravimetry (TG/DTG) and differential thermal analysis (DTA) techniques. It was observed that all bentonite samples exhibit 2 weight loss events on heating. The first weight loss event corresponds to the loss of molecular water from the exchange layer, whereas the second weight loss event corre...
Kinetic analysis of DSC and thermogravimetric data on combustion of lignite
Kök, Mustafa Verşan (Springer Science and Business Media LLC, 1996-06-01)
Thermal analysis increasingly being used to obtain kinetic data relating to sample decomposition. This work involves a comparative study of several methods used to analyse DSC and TG/DTG data obtained on the oxidation of Beypazari lignite. A general computer program was developed and the methods are compared with regard to their accuracy and the ease of interpretation of the kinetics of thermal decomposition. For this study, the ratio method was regarded as the preferred method, because it permits the estim...
TASDEMIROGLU, E (Elsevier BV, 1993-03-01)
Quantitative information on industrial energy consumption patterns in different industrial sectors of Turkiye has been analyzed. The more important energy-conservation opportunities in the heavy energy-consuming industrial activities have been identified. Considerable savings potentials exist through the application of short-term measures involving existing technology. The technological potential for conservation in industrial activities is reviewed.
Estimation of total solar radiation from bright sunshine hours in Turkey
Taşdemiroğlu, Erol; Sever, Rita (Elsevier BV, 1989-12)
Measurements of total solar radiation and bright sunshine hours in six different climatological locations in Turkey are used to develop an Angstrom type equation. The coefficients are found for a linear equation from regression analysis for these locations. A simple overall equation, which yields the solar radiation in any location in Turkey for bright sunshine hours, is developed. The results of this equation, together with the results obtained from five similar, internationally accepted correlations, are ...
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