Early Detection of Agglomeration in Conical Spouted Beds Using Recurrence Plots

Savari, Chiya
Külah, Görkem
Sotudeh-Gharebagh, Rahmat
Mostoufi, Navid
The agglomeration of particles in a conical spouted bed was investigated using a recurrence plot (RP) and recurrence quantification analysis (RQA) of the pressure fluctuations (PFs) and acoustic emission (AE) signals. Experiments were carried out in a 45 degrees conical spouted bed with sugar particles (d(P) = 720 mu m; rho(p) = 1580 kg/m(3)). Water was sprayed incrementally into the bed to produce agglomerates during the operation. Several recurrence quantification parameters were calculated during the agglomeration process, and the most suitable ones were chosen for early prediction of the agglomeration in the bed. The results show that recurrence rate, determinism, and laminarity of PFs and AE signals increase during the agglomeration process, which indicate that bed behavior becomes more periodic and deterministic in nature. Additional examination of the RQA parameters show that AE signals are substantially more sensitive to the hydrodynamic changes that occur in the bed, compared to those of PFs, and therefore can detect changes earlier, with more accuracy.


A new correlation for minimum spouting velocity for conical spouted beds operating with high density particles
GOLSHAN, Shahab; YAMAN, Onur; KÖKSAL, MURAT; Külah, Görkem; ZARGHAMI, Reza; MOSTOUFI, Navid (Elsevier BV, 2018-09-01)
Hydrodynamics of conical spouted beds operating with high density particles was studied by means of measuring the minimum spouting velocity and analysis of pressure signals in time and frequency domains. Three different types of particles, zirconia (d(p) = 1 mm; rho(p) = 6050 kg/m(3)), zirconia toughened alumina (rho(p) = 3700 kg/m(3); d(p) = 1, 2 and 2.4 mm) and glass beads (rho(p) = 2460 kg/m(,)(3) d(p) = 1 and 2 mm) were used in the experiments. Experiments were performed in three small scale (gamma = 30...
Detecting stability of conical spouted beds based on information entropy theory
Savari, Chiya; Sotudeh-Gharebagh, Rahmat; Külah, Görkem; KÖKSAL, MURAT; Mostoufi, Navid (Elsevier BV, 2019-02-01)
Effects of particle size, particle density, gas inlet diameter and static bed height on the stability of operation in conical spouted beds were investigated through analyses of information entropy of pressure fluctuations. In this respect, the maximum information entropy of pressure fluctuations was used as a stability criterion. The results showed that stability of the bed increases with an increase in the maximum entropy. The maximum information entropy of pressure fluctuations increases with increasing p...
Monitoring of liquid sprayed conical spouted beds by recurrence plots
Savari, Chiya; Külah, Görkem; KÖKSAL, MURAT; Sotudeh-Gharebagh, Rahmat; Zarghami, Reza; Mostoufi, Navid (Elsevier BV, 2017-07-01)
In this study, the chaotic behavior of gas-solid flow in a laboratory scale conical spouted bed during spraying of water on the sugar particles was investigated using non-linear analyses of pressure fluctuations (PFs) and acoustic emission (AE) signals. The phase space trajectories, recurrence plots (RP) and recurrence quantification analyses (RQA), as powerful non-linear techniques, were used for monitoring of the bed hydrodynamics. It was concluded that the reconstructed phase space trajectories of both P...
Optimization of an integrated bombardment and agrobacterium infiltration based transformation system for lentil
Çelikkol, Ufuk; Öktem, Hüseyin Avni; Küsmenoğlu, İsmail; Department of Biotechnology (2002)
In this study, the effect of microwounding by particle bombardment and the coupling of vacuum infiltration to Agrobacteritim-mediated transformation, on the efficiency of transient GUS expression of cotyledonary node tissues were investigated. In each experimental set with any Agrobacterium/pia&mid couple, five different treatments were applied to compare the efficiency of integrated bombardment-infiltration system to reference treatments. Throughout the study also the efficiencies of four strains, LBA4404,...
A Numerical Investigation of Interactions of Particles with Benard Cells in Horizontal Channels
Tarı, İlker; Yener, Yaman (2008-05-16)
A numerical investigation of particle motions in a horizontal channel and interactions of these particles with Bénard cells resulting from the heating of the channel from the bottom is presented. A 3-D spectral-methods-based code is developed to solve the rotational form of incompressible Navier-Stokes equations with the energy equation and the small particle equation of motion in a two-way coupled manner. A new surface-force-based approach to coupling is introduced and the importance of two-way coupling is...
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C. Savari, G. Külah, R. Sotudeh-Gharebagh, N. Mostoufi, and M. KÖKSAL, “Early Detection of Agglomeration in Conical Spouted Beds Using Recurrence Plots,” INDUSTRIAL & ENGINEERING CHEMISTRY RESEARCH, pp. 7179–7190, 2016, Accessed: 00, 2020. [Online]. Available: https://hdl.handle.net/11511/47491.