Optimization of an integrated bombardment and agrobacterium infiltration based transformation system for lentil

Çelikkol, Ufuk
In this study, the effect of microwounding by particle bombardment and the coupling of vacuum infiltration to Agrobacteritim-mediated transformation, on the efficiency of transient GUS expression of cotyledonary node tissues were investigated. In each experimental set with any Agrobacterium/pia&mid couple, five different treatments were applied to compare the efficiency of integrated bombardment-infiltration system to reference treatments. Throughout the study also the efficiencies of four strains, LBA4404, EHA105, C58C1, KYRT1 and two binary plasmids, pGUSINT and HIpTJK136 on transient GUS expression of cotyledonary node explants were compared. Although differ upon inoculation of different strain/binary plasmid couples, overall transient expression appeared to be reduced when tissues were microwounded. Furthermore, no significant (p>Q.0S) effect of the vacuum infiltration was observed. Therefore, efficiency of another wounding method, mechanical injury (poking by a needle) of the cotyledonary petiole axil region was investigated. Usage of the most efficient strain/plasmid couple, which is determined to be KYRTl:pTJK136, and mechanical wounding of the cotyledonary petiole axil region of the explants prior to Agrobacterium inoculation produced a number of transformed shoots, which show stable GUS expression in a chimeric manner. Highly regenerable nature of the cotyledonary node explants and application of the above mentioned transformation protocol seem to increase the probability of obtaining transgenic plants in lentil.


Optimization of a regeneration and transformation system for lentil (lens culinaris M., cv. Sultan-I) cotyledonary petioles and epicotyls
Bayraç, Abdullah Tahir; Öktem, Hüseyin Avni; Department of Biotechnology (2004)
In this study, optimization of a transformation and regeneration system via indirect organogenesis in cotyledonary petiole tissue of lentil (Lens culinaris Medik.) was investigated. Eight different medium types differing in their plant growth regulator compositions were employed to examine the callus induction potency of cotyledonary petiole. Except two, all other tested medium yielded more than 80% callus induction. Nine different medium types were studied to test the potencies of callus structures for sho...
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Application of Several Boundary Conditions for Bi-anisotropic Metamaterial Structures and Investigation of Electromagnetic Response
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Adsorption of water and ammonia on TiO2-anatase cluster models
Önal, Işık; Senkan, Selim (2006-06-15)
Density functional theory (DFT) calculations performed at B3LYP/6-31G** level are employed to study water and ammonia adsorption and dissociation on (101) and (001) TiO2 anatase surfaces both represented by totally fixed and partially relaxed Ti2O9H10 cluster models. PM3 semiempirical calculations were also conducted both on Ti2O9H10 and Ti9O33H30 clusters in order to assess the effect of cluster size. Following dissociation, the adsorption of H2O and NH3 by H-bonding on previously H2O and NH3 dissociated s...
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U. Çelikkol, “Optimization of an integrated bombardment and agrobacterium infiltration based transformation system for lentil,” Middle East Technical University, 2002.