Study of time-depenbent local scour around bridge piers

Estimation of maximum possible scour depth around bridge piers is an important step in the design of bridge pier foundations. Under known hydrological characteristics such as peak discharge and time-to-peak value of design flood hydrograph, smaller scour depths can be obtained compared to the equilbrium scour depths corresponding to clear water conditions. To examine such a phenomenon, time variation of local scour depths around bridge piers has to be determined. To this end, sets of experiments are performed using single cylindrical and square bridge pier models in the laboratory under clear water conditions with uniform bed materials. Semiempirical time-dependent analysis of local scour depths around bridge piers has been conducted using the sediment continuity equation for the scour hole around bridge piers. For design purposes, nondimensional scour prediction curves were prepared in terms of various sediment and flow properties.
Journal of Hydraulic Engineering


Modeling temporal variation of scouring at dual bridge piers
Selamoğlu, Meriç; Yanmaz, Ali Melih; Köken, Mete; Department of Civil Engineering (2015)
Computation of temporal evolution of scour depth around bridge piers is essential for the efficient design of bridge pier footings. In this thesis, empirical scour-prediction equations and a semi-empirical model are developed to predict the temporal variation of maximum clear-water scour depth at dual cylindrical uniform piers with identical size in tandem arrangement. Experiments are conducted using different pier size, pier spacing, and flow intensities. The semi-empirical model is based on sediment conti...
Uncertainty of local scouring parameters around bridge piers
Yanmaz, Ali Melih (2001-03-01)
Reliability-based assessment of local scouring mechanism around bridge piers provides information for decision-making regarding the pier footing design. Parameter uncertainties that may arise from various sources due to the inability to precisely quantify a parameter need to be estimated in order to quantify the level of risk of pier failure during the physical life of a bridge. By examining extensive experimental data from the literature on local scour depth around various shapes of bridge pier the functio...
Experimental investigation of local scour around inclined dual bridge piers
Çeşme, Murat; Bozkuş, Zafer; Department of Civil Engineering (2005)
For a bridge engineer, it is very important to estimate the maximum scour depth around the piers as accurately as possible, in order to design the footing safely. Many experimental studies have been performed by several investigators until now, in order to obtain information about scouring mechanism. The aim of this experimental study is to examine the effect of inclination of the dual bridge piers on scour depth. The experiments have been conducted with dual pier models under clear-water conditions, for va...
Experimental investigation of local scour around bridge pier groups
Özalp, Murat Can; Bozkuş, Zafer; Department of Civil Engineering (2013)
It is an important task that design engineers in practice predict the local scour around bridge piers as accurately as possible because excessive local scour around bridge piers unbalance and demolish the bridges. Many equations have been proposed previously by various researchers, based on their experimental findings, but no general method has been developed so far due to the complexity of the topic. In the present study two new bridge pier groups were employed to investigate the inclination effect of the ...
Drag characteristics of a historical bridge pier
Bülbül, Mehmet Mert; Denli Tokyay, Nuray; Department of Civil Engineering (2017)
The construction of river bridge requires placement of bridge piers within the river. These piers obstruct the flow and may cause an increase in water level on the upstream side of the bridge. This increase in water level has a negative impact on the stability of bridge and may be responsible for scouring action around the bridge pier. The shape of the bridge pier is an important factor. Since 20th century on, streamlined shapes for bridge piers are being used. It is also known that for the first time in hi...
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