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Nanoclay assisted strengthening of the fiber/matrix interface in functionally filled polyamide 6 composites

Isitman, Nihat Ali
AYKOL, Muratahan
Kaynak, Cevdet
This study describes the contribution of a nano-filler, i.e. an organically modified layered silicate, in respect of the fiber/matrix interfacial shear strength (IFSS) of a short glass fiber reinforced and functionally filled polyamide 6, given an exfoliated nanocomposite morphology. Apparent IFSS values are determined using a continuum micromechanical method. Polymer chains in the nanoconfined environment of an exfoliated clay nanocomposite are found to crystallize preferentially in the form of a specific crystalline phase with increased degree of crystallinity. Strong dependence of IFSS on polymer crystallinity is found which is related to enhanced shrinkage stresses associated with increased degree of crystallinity.