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Wax appearance temperature (WAT) determinations of different origin crude oils by differential scanning calorimetry

Kök, Mustafa Verşan
Varfolomeev, Mikhail A.
Nurgaliev, Danis K.
In this research, wax appearance temperatures (WAT) of eight different crude oils from south-eastern region of Turkey were determined by differential scanning calorimetry. The experiments were performed at a heating/ cooling-rate of 2 degrees C/min from 60 to -20 degrees C It was observed that the wax appearance temperature of different origin crude oils was varied between 14.2 and 37.8 degrees C depending on the API gravity and wax content. It was also observed that the crude oils have enthalpy of precipitation ranging from -3.42 to + 6.39 mW and melting enthalpy from - 2.5 to + 7.46 mW, respectively.