Scattering of electromagnetic waves by spherically stratified bodies.

Tosun, Haluk


Scattering of electromagnetic waves by arbitrary cross-sectioned lossy dielectic cylinders.
Aykın, K Serdar; Department of Electrical Engineering (1980)
Scattering from perfectly conducting plane angular sectors.
Kahraman, Gökhan; İnan, Kemal; Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (1993)
Transfer between circular, coplanar orbits in two force fields.
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Scattering of a spinless particle by an asymmetric Hulthen potential within the effective mass formalism
AYDOĞDU, OKTAY; Arda, Altug; Sever, Ramazan (2012-10-01)
Effective mass Klein-Gordon equation for the asymmetric Hulthen potential is solved in terms of hypergeometric functions. Results are obtained for the scattering and bound states with the position dependent mass and constant mass, as a special case. In both cases, we derive a condition for the existence of transmission resonance (T = 1). We also study how the transmission resonance depends on the particle energy and the shape of the external potential. (C) 2012 American Institute of Physics. [http://dx.doi....
Escape of photoelectrons and Compton-scattered photons from an HPGe detector
Can, Cüneyt (Wiley, 2003-07-01)
The response function of a planar HPGe detector due to escape of photoelectrons and Compton-scattered photons was studied for a point source with 59.5 keV energy. It was shown that both mechanisms, in addition to Ge x-ray escape, leading to partial deposition of energy, could be observed in the same experiment. A Monte Carlo program was used to investigate these components of the response function. The results indicate that although the escape of scattered photons and Ge x-rays are of the same magnitude, th...
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H. Tosun, “Scattering of electromagnetic waves by spherically stratified bodies.,” Middle East Technical University, 1971.