Description of the PM process by using Ishikawa-analysis

Simon, Andrea
Kovács, Károly
Gür, Cemil Hakan
Pieczonka, Tadeusz
Gácsi, Zoltán
Composites are special materials which can provide specific individual properties such as high strength with low density or good thermal conductivity with low thermal expansion coefficient. Composites follow the constantly evolving and more complex expectations. In order to make a product with good quality, it is important to choose suitable materials and technology. In this research, powder metallurgy (PM), as one of the most common composite manufacturing technologies, was examined; which factors and mechanisms influence mostly the properties of the products. Ishikawa method was used to reveal these correlations.

Citation Formats
A. Simon, K. Kovács, C. H. Gür, T. Pieczonka, and Z. Gácsi, “Description of the PM process by using Ishikawa-analysis,” Materials Science Forum, vol. 752, pp. 48–56, 2013, Accessed: 00, 2020. [Online]. Available: