Pulse width modulated audio amplifiers.

Güneş, Güven


TANIK, Y (1989-08-01)
Several non-minimum-bandwidth partial-response-signaling (PRS) techniques were compared in the above paper (ibid., vol.COM-35, p.475-80, April 1987). One of the criteria used for the comparison was the robustness to the timing jitter. The commenter shows that according to this criterion the duobinary signaling technique is superior to the dicode scheme at low values of the roll-off factor, in contradiction to the conclusion in the original study. In reply the author agrees that the comment is correct and th...
Interference suppression capability of faster than symbol rate sampling and frequency domain oversampling
Balevi, Eren; Yılmaz, Ali Özgür; Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (2016)
Detection of symbols in the presence of many interference sources is a difficult task in wireless channels. It is obligatory to reduce the interference for reliable communication. In this dissertation, minimum mean square error (MMSE) detection is investigated to suppress interference. Faster Than Symbol Rate (FTSR) sampling and Frequency Domain Oversampling (FDO) methods are proposed to enhance the interference suppression level of MMSE detection for both single user and multiuser communication. The aim of...
Pulse frequency fluctuations of persistent accretion powered pulsars
Serim, D.; Serim, Muhammed Miraç; Baykal, Altan (2022-11-01)
In this study, we examine the long-term torque noise fluctuations of persistent X-ray binaries Her X-1, Vela X-1, GX 301-2, Cen X-3, 4U 1538-53, OAO 1657-415, and 4U 1626-67 using the historical pulse frequency measurements provided by CGRO/BATSE and Fermi/GBM. We find that known disc-fed sources exhibit a 1/omega(2) red noise component in their power density spectra which is saturated over long time-scales. On the other hand, wind-fed sources form a clear white noise component, and the wind-fed sources wit...
Beam modulation in double gap virtual cathode oscillator
Küçük, İbrahim Semih; Demir, Şimşek; Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (2018)
Vircator is a promising high power microwave device when its simplicity, frequency tunability, lack of external magnetic field source are considered. Vircator gains importance especially susceptibility testing to electromagnetic pulses of electronic equipments with its tunability. Apart from advantages, main bottleneck of the vircator is its low efficiency. Tunability and efficiency enhancement studies are still continued in literature. Double gap vircator draws attention due to its tunability, generation f...
Pulse timing studies of X-ray binaries: GX1+4,SWIFT J0513.4-6547, X Persei and SXP 1062
Serim, Muhammed Miraç; Baykal, Altan; İnam, Sıtkı Çağdaş; Department of Physics (2019)
This thesis focuses on X-ray timing properties of four different X-ray binary systems, based on archival data of the X-ray missions RXTE, Swift, XMM-Newton, Chandra and Integral. One of the selected sources is a LMXB system GX 1+4 while remaining sources are BeXB systems: SWIFT J0513.4-6547, X Persei and SXP 1062. For GX 1+4, the timing analysis of RXTE-PCA observations between 2001 March 3 and 2003 January 31 are presented. The timing solutions of two different time intervals are constructed. Futhermore, w...
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G. Güneş, “Pulse width modulated audio amplifiers.,” Middle East Technical University, 1972.