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Trap levels in layered semiconductor TlInS1.9Se0.1

Ozdemir, S
Hasanlı, Nızamı
Bucurgat, M
Charge trapping centers in TlInS1.9Se0.1 single crystals have,been studied by thermally stimulated current (TSC) technique. The measurements revealed that there are several trapping levels associated with the overlapping peaks in the spectrum. The experimental evidence indicates that all peaks in the TSC spectrum involve the slow retrapping processes. The trapping centers have been determined at the energies of 0.10 eV, 0.13 eV, 0.27 eV, 0.30 eV, 0.32 eV, 0.33 eV and 0.34 eV. The temperature-dependent frequency factors and capture cross sections together with the concentrations of the corresponding traps are evaluated. Present experimental results also indicate that the traps asssociated with the individual peak in the TSC spectrum are closely spaced and/or continuous.