Utilization of waste bread in ethyl alcohol production.

Ünal, Fatma


Utilization of soda and beer wastes in cementitious systems
Aleessa Alam, Burhan; Yaman, İsmail Özgür; Department of Cement Engineering (2009)
To maintain the sustainability of cement and concrete production, there is a trend to use wastes in their production. Soda waste, generated by soda ash production process, and beer waste, generated by beer filtration process, are two locally produced wastes in Turkey and many other countries. The nature of these wastes, mostly their fineness, makes them possible to be used in concrete production, especially as a viscosity modifying agent in the self consolidating type of concrete. In this study, the additio...
Utilization of borax sludge in soft subgrade soil stabilization
Ceylan, Can; Güler, Murat; Department of Civil Engineering (2015)
As a result of its unfavorable natural behavior (e.g., high shrinkage or swelling capacity, weakness, excessive plasticity, poor grading) soft sub-grade soils are not generally preferred in road constructions. Chemical stabilization is used as a solution to improve engineering properties of the weak soil. This study aimed at investigation of stabilization of a soft sub-grade soil by using Borax Sludge (from ETĠ Maden ĠĢletmeleri). The index properties (e.g. Atterberg limits, specific gravity and sieve analy...
Utilization of wet-handled and dry-handled coal bottom ashes in portland cement based composites
Tirkeş, Sera; Akgül, Çağla; Department of Civil Engineering (2021-9-7)
Coal bottom ash (BA) is a coarse, granular, incombustible by-product collected from the bottom of coal-burning furnaces. Traditionally, it has been handled by wet-handling systems (WHS) that use large amounts of water for cooling and conveying BA. WHS relies on established technologies such as impounded hoppers or submerged scraper conveyors. However, the need for water treatment, environmental concerns such as contaminated water, and high operational costs caused a necessary shift from WHS to more sustaina...
Utilization of wheat bran fiber in crackers
Şahin, Ezgi; Mert, Behiç; Department of Food Engineering (2011)
Dietary fiber is a component in the structure of plants which is an important aspect of diet and nutrition. The demand of fiber has increased significantly, as consumers recognize its health benefits such as reduction of risk of colon cancer, cholesterol lowering affect, regulating blood glucose levels and low calorie intake. Therefore food manufacturers pay more attention to develop new products containing high fiber content. Of all the categories of food products, bakery products are the most common fiber...
Utilization of Beeswax Oleogel-Shortening Mixtures in Gluten-Free Bakery Products
Demirkesen, Ilkem; Mert, Behiç (Wiley, 2019-05-01)
Formulating gluten-free bakery products with acceptable physical properties generally requires a high amount of fat. As the fat used in these products is often high in saturated fatty acids, the objective of this study was to evaluate beeswax (BW) containing oleogels for partial replacement of the shortening in gluten-free aerated products. Oleogels prepared with BW were cocrystallized with a commercial cake shortening in the laboratory scale crystallization unit. Then, the resulting blends were evaluated i...
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F. Ünal, “Utilization of waste bread in ethyl alcohol production.,” Middle East Technical University, 1985.