A production scheduling methodology for flexible workforce shops.

Uysal (Kozanoğlu), İnci


A two stage methodology for fleet scheduling.
Sayın (Akşar), Meral; Department of Operations Research (1984)
A finite element approach for biological fluidized-bed modeling.
Nakiboğlu, Handan; Department of Environmental Engineering (1983)
A rational exergy management model for curbing building CO2 emissions
Kılkış, Şiir (2007-01-01)
A rational exergy management model was developed, which establishes a common metric and provides a tool for matching the exergy of energy sources with different applications in the built environment for global sustainability. In order to develop and evaluate this model, first a base case was defined, which involves a building using a natural gas boiler for comfort heating and receiving electricity from a remote thermal power plant. For the base case, the rational exergy management efficiency, which is a mea...
Aydemir, Ayşe Elvan; Taşkaya Temizel, Tuğba; Temizel, Alptekin; Department of Bioinformatics (2021-9-08)
Performance evaluation is a challenging, multidimensional and multi-criteria assessment problem. One application area is the player transfers in football (soccer), where player performance must be evaluated in-line with their responsibilities on the field. In this area of study, raw player performance statistics are not representative because of the external factors impacting the performance such as time-played, injuries, competition difficulty and characteristics, strength of the opponent, impact of action...
A general production and financial planning model for integrated poultry organizations
Satır, Benhür; Kırca, Ömer; Department of Industrial Engineering (2003)
For the last two decades, demand for poultry meat has been soared, since it is healthier and less costly than its substitutes. In order to meet this increasing demand, integrated poultry organizations have been established all over the world. Usually, an integrated poultry organization has the divisions of breeder coops, incubation house, broiler coops, feed mill, slaughterhouse and marketing. This complex structure makes production planning activities more difficult for integrated poultry organizations. Th...
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İ. Uysal (Kozanoğlu), “A production scheduling methodology for flexible workforce shops.,” Middle East Technical University, 1986.