A two stage methodology for fleet scheduling.

Sayın (Akşar), Meral


A production scheduling methodology for flexible workforce shops.
Uysal (Kozanoğlu), İnci; Department of Management (1986)
A rule based approach in sequencing machining operations for rotational components.
Saygın, Can; Department of Mechanical Engineering (1992)
A performance measurement framework and solution approach for the integrated facility layout problem with uncertain demand
Çelik, Melih; Efeoglu, Begun; Süral, Haldun (null; 2016-06-12)
The integrated facility layout problem (IFLP) focuses on the simultaneous determination of the relative locations of multiple copies of capacitated equipment or machinery in a facility, as well as the material flow between these units. In this paper, we consider the IFLP in the existence of uncertain demand for the products of the facility. Motivated by the framework for next generation facility layouts by Benjaafar et al. (2002), we extend the approaches in the literature for distributed facility layouts t...
A computer model for project scheduling under resourse constraints.
Issa, Hisham Ali; Department of Civil Engineering (1987)
A MAP-Based Approach for Hyperspectral Imagery Super-Resolution
IRMAK, Hasan; Akar, Gözde; Yuksel, Seniha Esen (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), 2018-06-01)
In this paper, we propose a novel single image Bayesian super-resolution (SR) algorithm where the hyperspectral image (HSI) is the only source of information. The main contribution of the proposed approach is to convert the ill-posed SR reconstruction problem in the spectral domain to a quadratic optimization problem in the abundance map domain. In order to do so, Markov random field based energy minimization approach is proposed and proved that the solution is quadratic. The proposed approach consists of f...
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M. Sayın (Akşar), “A two stage methodology for fleet scheduling.,” Middle East Technical University, 1984.