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Özet fonksiyonların güvenlik ölçütleri ve analiz metotları geliştirme ve uygulama projesi

Uyan, Erdener
Sulak, Fatih
Çakçak, Emrah
Bilgin, Begül
Çalık, Çağdaş
National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) has announced a hash function competition to define a new hash function standard (SHA-3), regarding the recent cryptanalysis efforts which showed that the existing hash functions are not secure. The main goals of this project are detecting the weaknesses of the proposed SHA-3 candidate algorithms, applying existing cryptanalysis methods to these algorithms, and developing new cryptanalysis methods. As a starting point, the fundamental building blocks of hash function algorithms and generic cryptanalysis methods are studied. Afterwards, the design rationale, security analysis and the performance results of the candidate algorithms are investigated. In the light of all the research done, the main cryptanalysis methods are applied to the chosen algorithms with improvements. The research results are to be submitted to several national and international conferences.