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Kentsel turizm ve iklim değişikliği

Literature shows an urgent need of more knowledge and detailed local consequence studies on how urban tourism pattern will change in relation to global climate change and sustainable development. In some countries tourism will grow, while in others it will be reduced or transformed – something that will have a huge impact on the economy, employment, environment and social life in each country. The question is if Turkey is prepared? The hypothesis for this project is that urban tourism in Turkey will change in relation to global climate change. The main objective is to prove the hypothesis by investigating i) the awareness and knowledge among different actors, ii) the preferences of tourist destinations with respect to season and climate, iv) adaptation strategies and consequences for society. Case study including questionnaires and interviews is carried out in Antalya urban region focusing on actors involved in tourism and urban planning as well as travelers and researchers. The findings show that in each of stakeholders there is growing awareness on climate change, but less action in order to comply the conditions imposed by the climate change. There are limited projects in order to be prepared to climate change as well as plans and policies to decrease the vulnerability of tourism activities.