Firm energy production optimization and monthly operation of multi-reservoir hydroelectric systems.

Uran, M. Ayhan


Firm growth dynamics and employment generation in the Turkish manufacturing industry
TÖNGÜR, ÜNAL; Taymaz, Erol (2019-01-01)
Firm Growth Dynamics and Employment Generation in Turkish Manufacturing
Taymaz, Erol (Routledge, 2019-01-01)
Real-time gas monitoring at the Tekke Hamam geothermal field (Western Anatolia, Turkey): an assessment in relation to local seismicity
Süer, Selin; Güleç, Nilgün Türkan; Parlaktuna, Mahmut (Springer Science and Business Media LLC, 2020-08-01)
This study presents the results of a real-time gas monitoring experiment conducted, via the use of a quadrupole mass spectrometer, in a mofette field within the Tekke Hamam geothermal site in western Anatolia (Turkey), a tectonically active region hosting several east-west trending grabens. The study is aimed to establish a baseline gas profile of the region. Within the framework of the experiment, gas compositions (CO2, N-2, O-2, H-2, H2S, CH4, He, and Ar) and flow rate of a mofette were monitored during t...
Batch fractionation of ionic mixtures by parametric pumping.
Yalçın, Ümit; Department of Chemical Engineering (1978)
Continuation power flow and voltage stability in power systems
Keskin, Mehmet B; Ertaş, Arif; Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (2007)
This thesis investigates an important power system phenomenon, voltage stability, by using continuation power flow method. Voltage collapse scenario is presented which can be a serious result of voltage instability and the parameters that affect voltage collapse are discussed. In analyzing power system voltage stability, continuation power flow method is utilized which consists of successive load flows. This method is applied to a sample test system and Turkish Power System and load-voltage curves for sever...
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M. A. Uran, “Firm energy production optimization and monthly operation of multi-reservoir hydroelectric systems.,” Middle East Technical University, 1980.