Türkiye Bal Arıları Genetik Farklarının Koloni Dayanıklılığına (Vitality) Etkileri

Kence, Aykut
Bilgin, Cemal Can
Doğaroğlu, Muhsin
Ünal, Hüseyin Hasan
Yücel, Banu
Kence, Meral


Türkiye'de Bal Arısı Irklarında Hastalık Ve Kimyasallara Direnç
Kence, Aykut(2010-12-31)
Surveillance of prion protein (PrP9 gene polymorphisms in Turkish native sheep breeds
Uzun, Begüm; Togan, İnci Zehra; Department of Biology (2012)
Scrapie is an infectious fatal disease of sheep and goats which affects the central nervous system. In the present study, samples of 14 native Turkish sheep breeds (n=655) were analyzed with respect to their polymorphisms of PrP gene (at codons: 136, 141, 154 and 171) and their classical and atypical scrapie risk levels were identified. Turkish sheep are found to have the highest PrP genetic variability with 13 classical scrapie alleles and 14 atypical scrapie alleles compared to all previous studies. Class...
A Survey of Niche Overlap and Adaptive Trait Responses of Turkish Honeybee Subspecies to Climate
Kükrer, Mert; Bilgin, Cemal Can; Turak, Ayşe (2016-11-05)
Introduction: Over 24 subspecies or “geographic races” of honeybees in the world appear to have diversified following isolation during the Pleistocene glaciations. Research on their differences in morphology, biogeography, behavior and genetics suggest that Turkish races belong mostly to the same lineage, but evolved in extremely different habitats. Foraging strategies, honey storage, production of young, overwintering success, swarming behavior or aggression show differences between races. Such traits migh...
Türkiye'nin poliklorlu bifeniller kaynaklı kirlilik durumunun belirlenmesi ve bu kirleticilerin akıbetinin incelenmesi
Gedik, Kadir; İmamoğlu, İpek; Demircioğlu, Filiz; Akduman, Nazan(2010-01-01)
De-regulatory urban redevelopment policies in gecekondu areas in Turkey: the case of Dikmen Valley
Mühürdaroğlu, Anıl; Şengül, Hüseyin Tarık; Department of Urban Policy Planning and Local Governments (2005)
Urban renewal policies in welfare state period are usually associated with the paradigm of social engineering that was dominant between 1940s and 1970s. However, in the wake of the fiscal crisis of the state in 1970s, and the following hegemony of the new right, urban policies including the renewal schemes have been ever-increasingly dominated by the deregulatory market oriented policies and rent seeking concerns. De-regulatory urban renewal policies focusing mainly in squatter areas have also dominated the...
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A. Kence, C. C. Bilgin, M. Doğaroğlu, H. H. Ünal, B. Yücel, and M. Kence, “Türkiye Bal Arıları Genetik Farklarının Koloni Dayanıklılığına (Vitality) Etkileri,” 2014. Accessed: 00, 2020. [Online]. Available: https://app.trdizin.gov.tr/publication/project/detail/TVRZeU1UQXc.