Ethernet üzerinden dinamik, dağıtılmış ve güvenilir endüstriyel haberleşme protokolları: Genel tasarım iş çerçevesi, gerçekleştirim ve deneysel çalışma


Etanol reformlama ile yüksek hidrojen verimi için adsorpsiyon - reaksiyon kombinasyonu v uygun mezogözenekli katalizörlerin geliştirilmesi
Doğu, Timur(2013)
Ethnic interest groups and American Foreign Policy: sources of influence
Erdoğan, Celil; Polat, Necati; Department of International Relations (2010)
Ethnic interest groups have historically played a role in the making of American foreign policy but their influence has increased especially following the end of the Cold War. This influence has important repercussions on American foreign policy towards the home countries of the powerful ethnic groups and the regions that these countries are located in. Within this context, this thesis examines the sources or the reasons of the influence of ethnic interest groups on American foreign policy, which has also a...
The role of the state and the transformation of Ukrainian political elite in the resurrection of ethnic conflict: Euro-Maidan and the civil war in post-Soviet Ukraine
Pehlivanoğlu, Onurhan; Sözer, Hande; Political Science and International Relations (2017-10)
This thesis examines the role of the Ukrainian political elite and the state in the resurrection of ethno-political conflicts in post-Soviet Ukraine. It firstly investigates how Ukrainian political elite’s management of existing ethno-political attitudes on the state level has caused the evolution of Ukrainian crisis from so called peaceful protests to a seemingly ethnic conflict. Secondly, it answers the question how newly emerging ruling class during the post-Soviet transition period has affected the poli...
Synthesis and characterization of ethanol electro-oxidation catalysts
Demir-Kıvrak, Hilal; Üner, Deniz; Kuliyev, Sadig; Department of Chemical Engineering (2010)
In this study, the role of defects, the role of Sn in relation to defects, and the role of oxide phase of tin in ethanol electro-oxidation reaction were investigated. Firstly, adsorption calorimetry measurements were conducted on monometallic (1%Pt, 2%Pt, and 5%Pt) and bi-metallic (5% Pt-Sn) γ-Al2O3 supported Pt catalysts. It was observed that while saturation coverage values decreased, intermediate heats remained same for Pt-Sn catalysts by the increasing amount of tin. The effect of particle size was inve...
A Study on poverty in the city with a specific focus on ethnic networks
Yıldız, Melik Zafer; Şengül, H. Tarık; Department of Urban Policy Planning and Local Governments (2002)
In this study, it is aimed to explore the role of ethnic networks, which are constructed in certain city districts and made use of by urban poor, for securing their income and dwelling. In this respect, taking the theoretical discussion on urban poverty, survival strategies, and ethnicity in to account, this study firstly addressed the role of ethnic networks and the way in which these ethnic networks are put in use, as well as patterning of household strategies through ethnic criteria in city districts thr...
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