Forecasting Information And Telecommunications Technologies In An Era Of Change: What Are The Implications For Personal Travel?

Şenbil, Metin
Information and communication technologies (ICT) are enjoying fast development which immediately translate into their market enhancements nowadays (1). ICT relaxes both space and time constraints while allowing instant information exchange. In terms of activity-based travel demand, ICT use might substitute, complement or modify individual activity-travel behavior at varying degrees. On the other hand, ICT network externalities complement the social network in positive directions. Overall, ICT use complements activity-travel demand by increasing the number of activity engagements. Besides, similar to the conventional telephone, ICT has been transforming the modern society and life in many ways as well.


Use of ict for energy efficiency in Turkish consumer electronics sector
Türkcan, Seçkin; Erdil, Erkan; Department of Science and Technology Policy Studies (2010)
Development and enhancements in Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) is following a high level trend promising many opportunities to the economy, environment and society. Utilizing ICTs to enable improvements in the field of energy efficiency is becoming a very hot topic across the globe in this context. In this study both the enabling role of the ICTs for ensuring energy efficiency and the carbon footprint of ICTs considering also the rebound effects was analyzed as a case study for Turkish co...
Assessing Information Technology Use in Organizations: Developing a Framework
Sezgin, Emre; Özkan Yıldırım, Sevgi (2011-10-07)
Increasing use of current and developing information technologies (IT) within business and production processes is a required transformation to survive in the market. However. IT should be well-managed to be adapted by an organization as a whole. This study proposes a new model for the assessment of IT use in organizations. The aim is to assist decision making processes in information technology management through exploring strength and weaknesses of organization on IT tools and applications. The model has ...
Wireless networking in tunnelling projects
Nielsen, Yasemin; Koseoglu, Ozan (Elsevier BV, 2007-05-01)
Emerging collaborative technologies and working methods often require tremendous engineering and organisational efforts for successful implementation of information and communication technologies (ICTs). According to a research conducted in Turkish construction industry, most of the problems that occur during the construction phase are due to lack of co-operation and communication between designers and contractors and lack of prompt expert decisions during on-site engineering. Similar to any major construct...
Case studies on the use of neural networks in eutrophication modeling
Karul, C; Soyupak, S; Cilesiz, AF; Akbay, N; Germen, E (2000-10-30)
Artificial neural networks are becoming more and more common to be used in development of prediction models for complex systems as the theory behind them develops and the processing power of computers increase. A three layer Levenberg-Marquardt feedforward learning algorithm was used to model the eutrophication process in three water bodies of Turkey (Keban Dam Reservoir, Mogan and Eymir Lakes). Despite the very complex and peculiar nature of Keban Dam, a relatively good correlation (correlation coefficient...
Social Presence in Synchronous Text-Based Computer-Mediated Communication
AKAYOĞLU, SEDAT; ALTUN, ARİF; Stevens, Vance (2009-12-01)
Problem Statement: In recent years, the substantial technological development in various online environments has been used in educational environments. However, these online environments are still new for many teachers, researchers and students. Thus, researchers have attempted to determine the discourse patterns of these environments from different perspectives. Social presence is one of these dimensions; however, there has been little research on social presence in synchronous CMC environments. This study...
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