Book Review: The Seljuk City / Selçuklu Kenti


The Çardak Kervansarayı in Denizli.
Fersan, Nur A; Department of Architecture (1974)
The Çukur Medrese in Tokat.
Dilmegani, Dara; Department of Restoration (1974)
The Çakır Tahir Ağa building in Birgi.
Numanoğlu, Şevki; Department of Architecture (1974)
The Ertokuş Cravansarai in Eğridir (Text).
Özbek, Ömer Faruk; Department of Architecture (1972)
A Freudian study of the The Grass Is Singing, Aylak Adam and The White Hotel
Büyü, Gül; Coşkunoğlu Bear, Ayten; Department of English Literature (2007)
This thesis studies Peter Shaffer’s use of time as a technique for creating alienation effect. In order to provide the audience with a questioning role, Shaffer primarily employs historical and mythical past as elements of pastness in the Brechtian sense. Shaffer also innovatively contributes to the formation of alienation effect with spatial time achieved through the coexistence of past and present. Distancing the audience in time, the playwright leads them to adopt a critical viewpoint so that they can qu...
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H. Ç. Keskinok, Book Review: The Seljuk City / Selçuklu Kenti. 2007, p. 158.