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29 October 2007, Çameli earthquake and structural damages at unreinforced masonry buildings

Kaplan, H.
Yilmaz, S.
Akyol, E.
Sen, G.
Tama, Y. S.
Cetinkaya, N.
Nohutcu, H.
Binici, H.
Atimtay, E.
Sarisin, A.
A recent earthquake of M=4.9 occurred on 29 October 2007 in C¸ ameli, Denizli, which is located in a seismically active region at southwest Anatolia, Turkey. It has caused extensive damages at unreinforced masonry buildings like many other cases observed in Turkey during other previous earthquakes. Most of the damaged structures were non-engineered, seismically deficient, unreinforced masonry buildings. This paper presents a site survey of these damaged buildings. In addition to typical masonry damages, some infrequent, event-specific damages were also observed. Reasons for the relatively wide spread damages considering the magnitude of the event are discussed in the paper.