From the "state-idea" to "politically organized subjection" Revisiting Abrams in times of crisis in Turkey and EU-Europe

Bodırsky, Katharına
Philip Abrams's notion of the "state-idea" has been of immense influence in the anthropology of the state. This article suggests a contrary reading of Abrams's "Notes on the difficulty of studying the state" (1988) that focuses instead on his notion of "politically organized subjection," which allows us to examine contemporary statehood in crisis where political practice increasingly seems "unmasked." The article examines such strategies of politically organizing subjection in the contexts of current EU-Europe and Turkey. It highlights the role of hegemony-building strategies that do not so much mask political practice as openly promote polarization in society, directing ideological and material efforts at strengthening leadership over the own class alliance and using both overt and structural coercion to suppress political projects opposed to neoliberal authoritarianism.


From Bauhaus to Ikea : integration of mass production, standardization, modularization and claim of universality with capitalist mode of production [
İşbilen, Ezgi; Sargın, Güven Arif; Department of Architecture (2012)
This thesis questions the relation between political program and architectural production via a close examination of the modern myth: democratization through design. This idea is rooted in the 19th century arts and crafts movement, which indirectly caused the foundation of a very influential design school, the Bauhaus, where the idea of democratization of design has been invented. Years later, the slogan reappeared and became more visible than ever. This time it was IKEA, a furniture company that also promo...
From the epic to the novel : A comparative study of Beowulf and Grendel
Dalbak, Emine; Çalışkan, Sevda; Department of Foreign Language Education (2003)
This thesis compares the Anglo-Saxon epic Beowulf and John Gardner's novel Grendel in terms of their generic relations within a framework of Bakhtin's genre theory. The analysis restricts its theoretical framework to basically two essays by Mikhail M. Bakhtin, namely "Epic and Novel" and "Discourse in the Novel" included in Michael Holquist's The Dialogic Imagination: Four Essays by M. M. Bakhtin (1981). This study argues that Beowulf represents a monologic world, which is hierarchically distanced from the ...
Rereading Shakespeare's The Merchant of Venice and Richard II : Wesker's The Merchant and Ioneco's Exit the King
Altındağ, Zümrüt; Norman, Ünal; Department of Foreign Language Education (2004)
This thesis is a comparative study of how Shakespeare̕s ideas transcend the boundaries of his own time and still remain as the major sources of inspiration for modern dramatists. Arnold Wesker and Eugéne Ionesco explore the concept of the "other" leading to loss of identity and awareness of non-being embedded in Shakespeare̕s works. The main argument is that the contemporary playwrights reinterpret Shakespeare̕s works in the light of some modern issues and ideas to reveal the entrapment of the individual.
The outsiders as reflected in the novels of Albert Camus, John Wain and Yusuf Atilgan
Bay, Hatice; Coşkunoğlu Bear, Ayten; Department of English Literature (2008)
This thesis studies the alienated characters of Albert Camus’s The Outsider, John Wain’s Hurry On Down and Yusuf Atılgan’s Aylak Adam, respectively. It argues that each of the protagonists of these novels experiences alienation. That is, Camus’s character is an alienated man because he has the characteristics of an absurd man; Wain’s character is an estranged man due to his social discontentment and Atılgan’s C. is an outsider owing to his psychological problems. The works are analyzed with philosophical, s...
From an ancient road to a cultural route : conservation and management of the road between Milas and Labraunda
Durusoy, Elifnaz; Bilgin Altınöz, Ayşe Güliz; Restoration in Department of Architecture (2013)
The main subject of the thesis is revealing cultural routes, by the evaluation of ancient roads which have cultural accumulation on and around them. Considering the unique character of cultural routes, their formation as a consequence of cultural accumulation in a region is the main objective of the thesis. The thesis aims to explore the basic principles of cultural route planning and management in regard to the contexts of natural, man-made, temporal, social and cultural, functional, visual and aesthetic, ...
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