The analysis of torsional and bending stresses in continuous bridges with thin-walled open cross-sections.

Çalkıvik, Gürhan


The analysis of non-linear adsorption in batch-slurry adsorbers.
Aslanbey, Yeşim; Department of Chemical Engineering (1987)
The study of disorder and nanocrystallinity in C-S-H, supplementary cementitious materials and geopolymers using pair distribution function analysis
Akgül, Çağla; Monteiro, Paulo JM (2011-07-01)
Significant progress was achieved with the application of Rietveld method to characterize the crystalline phases in portland cement paste. However, to obtain detailed information on the amorphous or poorly crystalline phases, it is necessary to analyze the total scattering data. The pair distribution function (PDF) method has been successfully used in the study of liquids and amorphous solids. The method takes the Sine Fourier transform of the measured structure factor over a wide momentum transfer range, p...
The analysis of cooling curves for grey cast iron and its mechanical properties
Kalkanlı, Ali; GULDUR, H (2003-07-01)
Thermal analysis can be utilized to reveal the total graphite nucleated in cast irons by correlating the integrated areas under the cooling curves and graphite areas of a cast iron sample measured using an image analyzer. The aim of this study is to determine the effect of varying amounts of inoculants on the thermal analysis of grey cast iron by observing the changes in the shape of the cooling curves. DeltaT values, i.e. the observed undercooling before recalescence, can be correlated to the changes in th...
The application of dry and wet combustion on limestones containing heavy oils with the analysis of combustion reaction kinetics.
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The study of load and convergence in longwalls at Soma--G.L.I.
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G. Çalkıvik, “The analysis of torsional and bending stresses in continuous bridges with thin-walled open cross-sections.,” Middle East Technical University, 1970.