On Physical Aspects Of Squatters In Turkey

Şenyapılı, Tansı
This study rests on the hypothesis that economic relations have a definite impact on the formation of physical space. What are the factors which caused the transformation of tin roofed shacks into orderly and regular neighborhoods of big cities of Turkey during the past 40 -45 years? The evolution of the gecekondu process should not be interpreted merely as the renewal of physical elements of such shelters. The distinguishing character of a gecekondu does not arise from the fact that it is built on somebody else's land. Although the familiar urban construction process is completed in single steps, gecekondu type of residences follow a building process which continues and evolves in time. Thus, urban residential structure consists of a 'rigid' component which reflects the contemporary level of capital, technology and organization and which is renewed in pre-defined stages; and a far more 'flexible' component called gecekondu. This study aims at analysing the characteristics of the 'flexible" component and at discussing the process of its transformation in time. The evolution of gecekondus in Turkish cities can be categorized into four stages.


On output independence and complementariness in rank-based multiple classifier decision systems
Saranlı, Afşar (Elsevier BV, 2001-12-01)
This study presents a theoretical analysis of output independence and complementariness between classifiers in a rank-based multiple classifier decision system in the context of the partitioned observation space theory. To enable such an analysis, an information theoretic interpretation of a rank-based multiple classifier system is developed and basic concepts from information theory are applied to develop measures for output independence and complementariness. It is shown that output independence of classi...
Comparison Inventory Control Policies with Remanufacturing Yield Loss
Dekker, Rommert; Bayındır, Zeynep Pelin (null; 2004-10-24)
Abstract: In this study we consider a joint manufacturing and remanufacturing environment. The remanufacturing process is imperfect. Unsatisfied demand is completely lost. It is possible to dispose the returns. Manufacturing and remanufacturing operations are carried out in the same facility on dedicated lines. The objective is to maximize expected average profit. We propose 4 alternative policies to control the system. In this talk, the policies and the computational study are discussed.
The Significance of materials within the context of architectural design
Deniz, Banu; Güzer, Celal Abdi; Department of Architecture (2016)
The assumption of this study is that material usage has the efficacy to influence the architectural language and building tectonics. The consideration for the transforma-tive power of “materiality” in architecture has shifted as a result of developments in technology and science that have been rooted mostly in the Industrial Revolution. Throughout this research, changing relationships between materials and building tectonics as well as considerations for materials selection will be examined. As a result of ...
Indirect Relationship between Egoistic Relative Deprivation and Subjective Well-Being
ÖZDEMİR, FATİH; Tekes, Burcu; Öner Özkan, Bengi (2019-01-01)
The present study investigates the possible variables that explain subjective well-being based on Relative Deprivation Theory. In this regard, the first purpose of the study is to focus on the qualitative characteristic of the desired outcome and examine whether the types of material and emotional egoistic relative deprivation exhibit a differentiated relationship with subjective well-being. The second purpose is to test the possible mediating role of perceived intrinsic strength and perceived extrinsic str...
Calculation of a generalised smectic–hexatic phase diagram in liquid crystals
Yurtseven, Hasan Hamit (Informa UK Limited, 2012-5)
This study gives a generalised smectic-hexatic phase diagram calculated by the Landau mean field theory. Our calculated phase line equations are fitted to the experimental phase lines, which represent first-order transition for the liquid crystals studied here. The temperature-and concentration-dependent phase lines calculated in this study describe the observed T-X phase diagram for the smectic-hexatic transitions. This indicates that the method of calculating the phase line equations from the mean field t...
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