The effects of mineralogical and petrographical features of the Lake District rocks (Isparta, Turkey) on the quality of artificial marbles

Bilgin, Ali
Yuceturk, Gurkan
Arslan, Sonmez
Bilgin, Nursev
Polat, Suleyman
Large quantities of marble blocks are produced from many new marble quarries which were opened around Isparta (Turkey) and its surrounding region. The opened quarries are also affected negatively by weathering as a result of karstification. Therefore, block efficiency of the quarries is low which results in a lot of waste materials that can be used in cultured marble production. The production of artificial marble from marble waste materials around Isparta is the main purpose of the study. The cultured marble is an attractive, healthy and homogenous building material. It has a wide application in the building construction sector. Artificial marble which is composed of mineral dusts and polyesters has high mechanical strength and they are durable to various chemical and high temperature environmental conditions. Based on physico- mechanical properties, cultured marbles are accepted by Turkish Standards (TS). The materials used for the production of qualified cultured marble are directly related to the hardness of the minerals used as filler in the polyester resin. Physico- mechanical properties of cultured marble depend on the physical properties of the filler minerals. The compressive strength of the cultured marble material is controlled by the physical properties of the filler minerals, therefore, the hardness of the cultured marble is determined by the hardness of the filler mineral. The following analyses were carried out: wet unit volume analysis, dry unit volume analysis, compressive strength of the materials, capillary water absorption analysis, analysis of ultrasound velocity (P- wave) and the marble wastes bulk chemical analyses were investigated and the results of the data were evaluated and discussed. In addition, natural and artificial marbles were compared with respect to physico- mechanical properties.

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A. Bilgin, G. Yuceturk, S. Arslan, N. Bilgin, and S. Polat, “The effects of mineralogical and petrographical features of the Lake District rocks (Isparta, Turkey) on the quality of artificial marbles,” Epitoanyag-Journal of Silicate Based and Composite Materials, vol. 65, no. 1, pp. 21–25, 2013, Accessed: 00, 2020. [Online]. Available: