Structurally modified RDX - A DFT study

Türker, Lemi
Variş, Serhat
RDX is a nitramine type explosive which is widely employed in military and industrial applications. A hot topic in military area is lowering the sensitivity of explosives. Along this direction, one approach, which is still being applied, is to use coatings or additives for explosives, as in the example of i-RDX (reduced sensitivity RDX). Another attitude would be to make some slight molecular level chemical modifications in the explosive structure that cause a diminished sensitivity without substantial loss in explosive impact. RDX has three nitro groups. We assumed that by the conversion of these nitro groups to nitroso and amino groups, it might be possible to lower the sensitivity somewhat. We have correlated the bond dissociation energies with impact sensitivity. Additionally, the ballistic properties, i.e. detonation velocity (D), and detonation pressure (P) have been examined by using Kamlet-Jacobs equations. We have shown that the above mentioned molecular modifications are a successful way of lowering the sensitivity of RDX.
Defence Technology


alpha ' formation kinetics and radiation induced segregation in neutron irradiated 14YWT nanostructured ferritic alloys
Aydoğan Güngör, Eda; March, K.; El-Atwani, O.; Krumwiede, D. L.; Hosemann, P.; Saleh, T.; Maloy, S. A. (Springer Science and Business Media LLC, 2019-06-01)
Nanostructured ferritic alloys are considered as candidates for structural components in advanced nuclear reactors due to a high density of nano-oxides (NOs) and ultrafine grain sizes. However, bimodal grain size distribution results in inhomogeneous NO distribution, or vice versa. Here, we report that density of NOs in small grains (2 mu m) before and after irradiation. After 6 dpa neutron irradiation at 385-430 degrees C, alpha' precipitation has been observed in these alloys; however, their size and numb...
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Discharge measurement and control structures are widely employed in hydraulic engineering applications. The objective of this study is to numerically investigate the modelling of two different structures, namely sharp-crested weirs as Problem 1 and combined weir and gate systems as Problem 2. The research methodology herein is based on the comparison of results of numerical simulations with experimental data for both problems separately. For the purpose of performing numerical simulations, the Reynolds-aver...
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Magnesium oxide (MgO) has limited use in civil engineering applications. The presence of MgO (especially in free form) in portland cements is limited by the standards due to the risk involved in the gradual hydration of MgO that may lead to disruptive expansions after the cementitious system hardens. However, it is possible to overcome this detrimental effect by calcining magnesite at lower temperatures than that is encountered in the cement kilns and use thus obtained reactive MgO as an additive in cement....
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