Finite anti-plane shear of compressible hyperelastic tubes

Erarslanoğlu, G.
Ertepınar, A.
Finite, anti-plane shear of a long, hyperelastic, compressible circular cylindrical tube is investigated using the theory of finite elasticity. The highly nonlinear, coupled, ordinary differential equations with variable coefficients governing the problem are solved numerically using the method of adjoints. The effect of the compressibility of the material is studied in several numerical examples.
International Journal of Engineering Science


ERTEPINAR, A (Elsevier BV, 1991-01-01)
The finite strain behavior of cylindrical tubes, made of a polynomial compressible material and subjected to the simultaneous action of constant spin and uniform external circumferential shear, is investigated using the theory of finite elasticity. The inner surface of the tube is assumed to be perfectly bonded to a rigid shaft. The governing quasi-linear system of two ordinary differential equations is solved using a shooting method. Numerical results are generated to analyze, qualitatively, the effects...
Stability analysis of constraints in flexible multibody systems dynamics
İder, Sıtkı Kemal (Elsevier BV, 1990-1)
Automated algorithms for the dynamic analysis and simulation of constrained multibody systems assume that the constraint equations are linearly independent. During the motion, when the system is at a singular configuration, the constraint Jacobian matrix possesses less than full rank and hence it results in singularities. This occurs when the direction of a constraint coincides with the direction of the lost degree of freedom. In this paper the constraint equations for deformable bodies are modified for use...
DERELI, T; ERIS, A; ERIS, A; Karasu, Atalay (1986-05-01)
Magnetostatic, axially symmetric 5-dimensional vacuum Einstein equations are formulated in terms of harmonic maps. A correspondence between stationary, axially symmetric 4-dimensional vacuum Einstein solutions and the magnetostatic, axially symmetric Jordan-Thiry solutions is established. The «Kaluza-Klein magnetic monopole» solution is recovered in a special case.
Axisymmetric crack problem for a hollow cylinder imbedded in a dissimilar medium
Kadıoğlu, Fevzi Suat (Elsevier BV, 2005-05-01)
The analytical solution for the linear elastic problem of flat annular crack in a transversely isotropic hollow cylinder imbedded in a transversely isotropic medium is considered. The hollow cylinder is assumed to be perfectly bonded to the surrounding medium. This structure, which can represent a cylindrical coating-substrate system, is subjected to uniform crack surface pressure. Because of the geometry and the loading, the problem is axisymmetric. The z = 0 plane on which the crack lies, is also a plane ...
Hamilton-Jacobi theory of discrete, regular constrained systems
Güler, Y. (Springer Science and Business Media LLC, 1987-8)
The Hamilton-Jacobi differential equation of a discrete system with constraint equationsG α=0 is constructed making use of Carathéodory’s equivalent Lagrangian method. Introduction of Lagrange’s multipliersλ˙α as generalized velocities enables us to treat the constraint functionsG α as the generalized momenta conjugate toλ˙α. Canonical equations of motion are determined.
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